Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tracking Time and Tasks in KDE

Yes, I am on KDE binge right now. Well, this is one of those times that I actually decided to really immerse myself into something new. Because KDE is a desktop environment with a whole lot of apps going with it, I might as well try whatever they are, right? So I checked out the KDE applications available and KTimeTracker.


If you have a lot of work to do and you want to measure how productive you are, KTimeTracker might be a good tool to consider. You could add a bunch of tasks and subtasks. You only need to select which task to clock in or clock out of.

Other features:

  • Configuration of the look and feel of the columns for the time tracker, defining what the columns should be available to the user.

  • Configuring it for the PDA.

  • What is the desktop’s idle time

  • The minimum desktop active time

  • How often should saving be

I think I will plan of using this to track my tasks one by one. It will help when I need to enter the data in a timesheet. And maybe there are ways to figure it out so that it will easily be included in a worksheet. Then that is going to be a whole lot better. :)

This a really cool app with a very straightforward function. And hopefully you will find it useful too. If you have other time tracking tools, whether it is KDE-based or not, maybe share them so we could also learn some nifty new things about these tools.

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